Health Benefits of Peptides for the Skin

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Given that it is the outermost, and largest organ in our body, people would love to do what it takes just so that their skin gets taken good care of in the best means possible. Through the years, there have been several kinds of products which have been touted to help people get the best skin possible. Great skin is characterized by firmness, with a healthy and radiant glow to it, regardless of color. It is also characterized by the absence of wrinkles. Research peptides have been touted as one of these products, and here are some of the proven health benefits of certain kinds of peptides for the skin.


If you wish to have a lighter shade for the area under your eyes, which is usually caused by hemoglobin degradation, one of the peptides you could use is Haloxyl, where a 2% solution, when applied to the area directly under the eye has helped to promote lighter skin in 60% of the patients in a span of just 56 days of constant application.

Soy-rice Peptides

Extracted from yeast protein, this is also another peptide touted to help reduce fine lines, dark circles, and of course, puffiness around the eyes. Unlike the previous one, however, it is not as effective, given that a mere 35% of the patients experienced the positive effects after the same time period. It has, however, the ability to improve microcirculation, elastin, and of course, be able to reduce free radicals.


If firmer skin is what you’re looking for, then this one is perfect for you. The reason for this is simply because Tripeptide-5 allows you to have it, given that it could deeply penetrate the skin, where it is able to up collagen production, as well as promote the growth of healthy tissues.