Can I Legally Smoke Weed in California?

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Smoking weed is better than consumption of other drugs which are prohibited by law. There are many states which legalized the consumption of weed for medical purpose but a lot of states have a restriction when it comes to the recreational use of weed. A lot of people have a question and the web space is full of queries like ‘is weed legal in California? If you also have one such question then this article is especially for you as we have answered the question in complete details.

Well, the answer to the question is that yes, you can legally smoke weed in California. The American government legalized the consumption of weed for medical purpose as well as for the recreational purpose. However, there are some restrictions that were imposed on the people when it comes to smoking weed. As per the notification published by the government, the restrictions are mentioned below

  • The person smoking weed should at least be 21 years old.
  • The person under the effect of weed is not allowed to drive vehicle as the weed also has a similar effect as that of alcohol.
  • The government also notified the legally permissible limits for weed and a person can carry 8 grams of weed in concentrated form.
  • It is also illegal to smoke weed in public places. The places also include the vicinity of school and child care centers.

The government announced that it will open public dispensaries in California where the weed would be available for purchase but as per one of the estimate, it can take a little more time to open such a dispensary. There are already some medical dispensaries but those require a doctor’s approval before you can purchase weed from them.

So answering the basic question, it is legal for you to smoke weed in California until you follow the laws mentioned above.