Why Marijuana Is Not Good For Smoking?

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If we are talking about marijuana then it is said that marijuana is commonly abused drug in Illinois and it is normally used for smoking in the form of joint or bong. Many of the people are smoking marijuana in the chillum. We can say that this drug is illegal in most parts of the world and many people are supporting this drug for legalization. If we are talking about marijuana then it come from the hemp plant which is known as cannabis sativa.

We can say that this product has active ingredient which is known as THC that make this drug popular by making people to feel high. However we can say that that THC and other compounds of marijuana can affect the way your body is working.

Legalization of marijuana

We can say that most of the people are smoking the dried leaves of marijuana and it really affects your health. When we are talking about legalization of marijuana then most of the people are there who want that this drug must be legal around the world. In order to sort out query, is the marijuana legal in Illinois you have to go through proper details. It affects every organ of your body system and your nervous system gets more affected in short time.

Heart disease

When you are smoking marijuana then it immediately increase your heart rate and sometime you get heart problems. Smoking sometime irritates the people because they are not in a position to take proper breath and it really become frustrated. However we can say that it really cause cough problems and people are having lung infection it is all due to level of THC level. The most common drawback is it will damage the level of your mind and you can’t get anything in short time.

It has slowed reaction time and if you are driving then you are in risk of accident. There are many type of physical drawl system in which you can easily get cravings, sleeplessness, and less appetite.