Knowing Steroids and its types

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The word Steroids is derived from Greek  and its prefix called as the STERE can be defined as solid, the suffix of three words making it pronounce like ‘oid’ is derived from the Greek word that is called as EIDOS that can be defined as three dimensional shape. Steroids are organic compounds compound formed in a way of chemical compounds made by humans in order to gain body dimensions based on different types of needs as the stamina increase, growth of muscles or to gain weight after some serious disease as cancer, by now you must know what are steroids.

Types of Steroids

If we talk about in general there are common 32 types of steroids that can be used by anyone, these Steroids can be either taken as pills to your body or can be injected in your body. By classification you can define steroids classified in two types called as the inject steroids and the oral steroids. The most common usage of Steroids is in order to increase stamina in order to gain the muscle mass or to increase stamina by playing it different with the hormones.

Controversies related to Steroids

Steroids can be harmful for our body due to the reason most of the government agencies has made it illegal to sell it open without prescription of doctors. If you have known the news about Olympics and other athletic programs, the usage of steroids is banned for sports personalities. Time to time agencies also conduct different types of blood test on sports personality to know whether they have used the steroids in order to gain more fame in their sector of sports or not.

If players are find using steroid to enhance their stamina, the sport agencies have the authority to ban them for several years and in some cases they suffer lifetime ban as usage of certain steroids are totally banned in sports.