Treatment for Throat Cancer

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Throat cancer has can be treated with the help of numerous therapies, medications and such. Of course not every treatment is applicable to all types of throat cancer and some might be more effective compared to others; it heavily depends on the case and the person. Below are some of the treatments for throat cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy involves beams of high-energy that come from sources like an x-rays as well as protons to provide radiation to the body’s cancer cells which kills them. The radiation therapy is generated by a big machine found outside the body which is the external beam radiation. Another radiation therapy uses small radioactive seeds alongside wires that are placed inside a person’s body; specifically areas close to the cancer cells. During the initial stages of ung thư vòm họng, radiation therapy might be just what a person needs. Meanwhile, more advanced throat cancers might be cured with radiation therapy alongside surgery or chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy makes use of certain drugs in killing cancer cells. Chemotherapy is typically used alongside therapy when treating throat cancers; these drugs help make the cancer cells sensitive to the whole radiation therapy. But do take note that when radiation and chemotherapy are combined, the side effects are also heightened. We highly suggest that patients ask doctors about the side effects and benefits of combined treatments; make sure that the pros far outweigh cons.

Targeted Drug Therapy

When we say targeted drug therapy, certain drugs will help treat throat cancer by taking advantage of certain defects in cancer cells. A drug like Cetuximab (Erbitux) is an approved targeted therapy that can aid in treating throat cancer during specific cases. The said drug stops the action of certain proteins that are part of healthy cells but are actually more prevalent in specific kinds of throat cancer cells.