Boruto, Son Of Naruto

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I was super excited when the new series of Boruto finally debuted on screen. It was long awaited and had got everyone bickering on what characters would be featured and what their powers would look like. This new series is sequel to Naruto which has had a great run and has kept us all on the edge of our seats. The thrill and emotional dissipation you get from the Naruto series is like none other. You share great moments of trials and world ending chaos, where rogue shinobi from various clans try to assert dominance over opposing villages and then you get the ugliest and most demonic of them all, the Akatsuki gang which features the deadliest ninjas that ever lived. 

Turmoil is unending as these rogue ninjas aim for world domination. In this desperate plight, good prevails over evil as a team of powerful shinobi, led by Naruto throws down face to face, jitsu to jitsu, as the world slips back into order. This of course doesn’t come easily, lives are lost, and havoc is wreaked on innocent villages. Naruto fights alongside his friends, mentors and even a long severed relationship with his childhood bestie is healed all for the sake of one final stand with evil to determine the fate of humanity. An incredible amount of powers and evaluation is needed for this battle but it finally ends in victory.

The Boruto series is the follow-up of the Naruto series which we obviously would hate to see its end…. Seriously we needed more. Boruto is the offspring of Naruto and Hinata. He is every bit as wild and mischievous as Naruto had been in his childhood, even having a favorite word “dattebasa” similar to naruto’s “dattebayo.” You can watch Boruto online to catch up with the great stories that unfold after Naruto fulfils his long term dreams of becoming Hokage and struggles to manage family life and being father to an overzealous son Boruto.