GTA Vice City – Free Download For PC

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The GTA Vice City has been played by many people. Lot of people love to play it because of the criminal activities and it entertains the players with different kinds of missions that must be done by the users for them to get to a higher level while playing the game. Each of these missions are brutally awesome. The missions include murders, breaking the laws and many more exciting missions. Once you have completed your mission, you will receive money as a reward. The GTA game download is very easy because you can game torrents from websites.

Information about GTA

As discussed above, there are some criminal activities involved. The players can be able to steal money, cars and other things but, if you get caught by the police, then no worries because there are several ways for you to avoid getting handcuffed from the police. Some specific missions are called ‘side missions’ which does not reward the players with money but, it rewards them with different weapons or unlocks some contents. You can also be able to buy your own property in GTA and your own vehicle too. In the game, there are 114 vehicles introduced.

Lot of bad guys appear in the game as well but, that is according to the mission. However, the side missions can sometimes be fun. You can be making pizzas, become a policeman and catch a criminal or you can drive an ambulance to the hospital. This game is very popular. On playstation2, this game is the fourth highest selling game.

What does GTA Vice City Requires?

For you to play this game following must be required:

  • A processor should be Intel Pentium Iv 2.4@Ghz
  • Ram should be 512 MB for Xp and for Windows 8 and 7, 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Space up to 2 GB