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In the US, the world of entertainment is big business and is a multi-billion industry. There is a list of individuals who have made their mark in Hollywood and they are known as A-list Hollywood celebrities. An example of A-list celebrities are actors and musicians.

Hollywood is an area in Los Angeles in California and is home to the film industry. The people who live there are achieve celebrity status are known as Hollywood Celebrities.

How do you become a Hollywood Celebrity?

People who star in television shows and films that are highly popular and have high ratings and make big bucks on their shows can easily achieve celebrity status. Whether it is in reality TV, films or documentaries, TV is one of the main ways one can become a celebrity. Most actresses and actors become famous for the roles they play in film or in TV. The people behind a show can also achieve celebrity status. Sometimes, people hosting TV shows and news programs can also become quite famous and popular.

The making of a celebrity

One becomes a celebrity happens when a high number of people can easily identify with you when they hear your name or when they see your face or hear your name. The public can easily mention what you do, what industry you are in and some of your productions, music or activities that you take part in. One way to access such information is through You get to see how an individual achieved celebrity status, some activities they take part in and their net worth.

The music industry – The music industry is a multi-billion industry in the US. This is because so many people have access to music and these days, the internet helps people have access to music immediately it’s launched. Musicians can become Hollywood celebrities and make millions out of their music by selling their music or gaining exposure. They can also take part in talk shows, do events and sponsorships to enhance profile.


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