Summary Of Vampire Diaries

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It is a new series title we are back with! You can get a direct watch link in our website for all your favourite סדרות לצפייה ישירה. Today’s​ feature is Vampire Diaries. This series has been running for 8 years, since 2009 to 2017.

It’s a story about two brothers who are vampires, living in the town of Virginia. They have been cursed to be stuck at the age they are for eternity. Although they remain hidden from the world and hide who they are, trouble finds them when both the vampire brothers fall for a teenage girl and she is faced with a decision to choose between two brothers. Will their love for the same girl break their eternal brotherhood or will they survive their fate and stick together? Watch the series on our website to know more.

The Vampire brothers led a pretty normal life, just like that of any other teenage guys, but they have only one problem is that they cannot age. In order to be a part of the society they must run from place to place in search for a town where no one knows them. It is now the time for them to settle down in the town of Virginia, where they believe no one would find out who they are. But destiny had something ​else planned for them. The Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, meet this beautiful young lady (Elena) who has them falling for her. But she soon finds out who they are.

But is this all? Of course not. The vampire diaries also has a bundle of other mythical creatures and beings. Elena, the young schoolgirl who has managed to impress both the brothers, has a friend who is a witch. But for how long will this peaceful life last? Will they ever find what they all want? To know what happens next, stay with us!