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Eliquid is not just a word as the new nicotine intake way that is helping many of the smokers around the globe, special recipes included as part of this Eliquid preparation can add new mouthwatering delicious tastes always for the customers. In order to better help you with the recipes, we will discuss the best available submitted Eliquid recipes online.

The Milkman- Crumbleberry- The provided recipe offered by Fumonoid contains Nicotine Juice with 100mg unit, PG dilutant is available with 4.2 ml of concentration with 4.36 grams. VG Dilutant is available with 21 ml value in the recipe, the online review system has calculated 4 stars for the recipe.

Flawless Aftermath Clone- The second best recipe is submitted by Rawcore, TFA Berry Crunch, CAP Blueberry, TFA Blueberry Extra are few of the combinations that combines together in order to form as guaranteed the Flawless Aftermath Clone taste. Allow the recipe to steep for a minimum 4 weeks and shake it once weekly for the better and convenient use.

White Lotus- With the tag better than the real lotus taste, the above mentioned Eliquid recipe can be made with PG/VG and Nicotine level of your choice. The content includes Apricot, Papaya, Marshmallow, Sweet Cream and Vanilla. The average rating provided to the product is 3 out of 5.

Space Lam Pulsar Clone- Posted by saddlebum, you can start preparing the reciepe with PG/VG and Nicotine level of your choice. Lemon Lime cap should be 10%, Wild Cherry to be combined with Cap 8% and Energy Drink RF Cap contains the concentration 6%. Most of the online reviewer after trying th taste has awarded 4.5 stars to the delicious taste of Space Lam Pulsar Clone.

These are the few options and you can choose the best amongst the provided options.

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