The Honda Crv Is The Only Ride You Need

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Sometimes to handle a big family you just need a car that is spacious, comfortable and big car that will help you transport your entire family together all the time. It needs to be hardy, strong and solid and that is why Honda has been producing their Honda CRV so that people like that enjoy a hassle free comfortable ride.


The 2017 Honda CRV is a very boring but a very steady car which might not have any surprises under its belt but is for the driver who likes a simple but very stable driving experience. Its old 2.2 ltr engine has been replaced by the 1.6ltr, very powerful engine. It also has the new 9 choice automatic gearbox. The company had promised us a better car with better handling and control and to be honest, there is only a very mild change. The steering is easier and the ride is smoother but nothing really unremarkable.

The insides is where the CRV really makes a difference and everything starting from the seats to the switches look premium and look like they will last a lifetime. Everything from the doors to all the switches and the lights feel premium and this is what makes the customers coming. You could fit the rowdiest children of the lot in your car and the car will still survive pretty long.

This will turn out to be a brilliant option for people who love automatics and just want a very smooth and simple driving experience just like we have said before. The 9 choice automatic hear system will be pretty easy for even an amateur to handle and especially good for people who have a lot on their plate. Go for this car if you want something solid and something that will last a lifetime.

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