Smartphones are for anytime, although maybe not dinnertime

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Smart phones are for any time, but maybe not dinnertime! These tiny yet powerful mobile devices can be used at any time and in almost any location, but there are perhaps occasions when they should be switched off.

Huawei P10 Prezzi Smart Phone Features

The most significant features that make a smart phone smart are the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which run third-party applications. Applications, commonly referred to as apps, are tiny software programs which can be downloaded and used by the device to perform a specific task. It almost goes without saying that all smart phones have an inbuilt app which enables them to receive 4G mobile broadband. Other standard features include digital camera, media player, GPS navigation and video capabilities. There are also literally thousands of other apps available to download, offering a seemingly endless list of functions. Many are intended to enhance or extend the existing functionality of inbuilt apps, while others may have a completely separate purpose which makes use of mobile broadband capabilities, with mobile games being good examples.

The last definitive feature of smart phones is that they have a QWERTY keyboard rather than a numeric keypad. There are many variations on this theme, with some smart phones offering the user the ability to alternate between numeric and QWERTY via the touch screen, while others have a physical QWERTY keypad which may be fixed or have a pull-out function.


Smart phones contain innovative technology, combining many devices and their functions, all in miniature. Words used by owners to describe their smart phones include sleek, clever, and unbelievable and many others. The only derogatory comments come from the long-suffering partners of obsessed individuals. The final straw is when the smart phone, parked next to its addictive owner as ever, starts tweeting, bleeping or ringing at the dinner table!

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