The Two Types of the Lion Dance

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The lion dance has originated in mainland China more than a thousand years ago. And up until now, it is still managed by those who are influenced by the Chinese culture. With this, it is important to know that there are two types of lion dance. These are called as the Northern lion dance which is performed in mostly northern Chinese cities, and the Southern lion dance, which is then popular in southern China.

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The Two Types of Lion Dance

The Northern lion dance usually involved a yellowish or reddish lion. There are also times when an orange lion that have a shaggy look is used. This kind of lion dance is the one which is used for celebrating various royal ceremonies. It has been the chosen traditional dance of the ancient Chinese imperial court.

On the other hand, the Southern lion dance is commonly performed to ward off the evil spirits, or sometimes to remove the bad spirits in a certain place. There are also times when these are performed to bring good luck to a newly established business or to a newly transferred family in their new home. Now, the Southern lion dance has become more popular among the people, especially in countries in Southeast Asia, which have been influenced by the Chinese culture.


To sum it all up, one can clearly see how influential Chinese culture has been. It is because its traditions, such as the lion dance, is still widely practiced and performed today, even in non-Chinese places just like in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. This is just proof that the ancient Chinese has dominated the region and had implanted their culture in a very interesting and meaningful way, as what can be seen in today’s lion dance.

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