Different Categories Of Movies Available On Movie Box

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Movie Box is the name of the latest app for video watching or streaming live content.   The app was called iMediaShare before and you are able to choose over 100 special curate channels in many categories like Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, Music, News and Movies. Flipps will discover the connected TV near you and it will help you to play the video you want to watch at a bigger screen.  This is just a tap away.Download Movie Box for iPhone and iPad.

You can watch many things with Movie Box

The app does not have any fancy box or a dongle and there is no need to have extra TV app.  The app is in a small package but it has powerful package. You are able to enjoy the favorite video at the fingertips including business and documentaries news. Movie Box makes the phone to be your remote since you can add the control playback or you can adjust the volume with easy to use gestures. In addition of the movies, you can also watch music videos.

You can watch anything you want anywhere with Movie Box

In addition of watching the movies, the Movie Box is also an app that can help you to find the music video channels and to get access to the mainstream news channels like BBC, New York Times, CNN and educational programs like Cosmo, Fitness, Maxim and Glamour. The app can be used on the iOS and Android devices but it can also be connected to the TVs that are connected to the internet, Apple TV, Dish Hopper, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

There are over 100 channels online for the unlimited entertainment which is over the standard TV guide.  With the app,

  • You are able to watch the content from any place and this is the best option for anyone who does not like to move around
  • The Flipps can work like a dreaded remote control
  • The app does not require any additional TV apps or any hardware
  • There is automatic TV discovery supported.

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